Superbike Racers 1.51

Video game in which you race amazing bikes

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.1 (1250)

Superbike Racers is a realistic single player motorcycle racing game. The game renders the motorcycles, the tracks and the riders in full 3D. It is a relatively small download compared to most 3D sports games available today. The game does not include a large amount of violence or any foul language. This makes it a good choice for kids and families. The game also has very low technical requirements to play. It will even work on an older computer with a default graphics card installed. People who are used to games with higher quality graphics might be a little disappointed since the action tends to be a little grainy at times. The only graphics option that can be set in the game is whether bloom is used.

The controls for the game are very easy to understand. Players control the motorcycle with the arrow keys. The up arrow controls acceleration and the down arrow puts the motorcycle into reverse. The right and left arrows turn the motorcycle on the track. Players also have access to three other actions. One key causes the bike to perform a wheelie. This increases the speed of the cycle. Another key causes the bike to lurch ahead on the front wheel. This can stop the bike around corners. A third key causes the bike to start drifting. This adds points to the total score. Mastering these controls can be challenging especially when moving fast through a complex track.

There are three different game modes in Superbike Racers. The most basic is a single-lap racing mode where players can earn points by placing in the top three. The time attack mode challenges players to complete different tracks in as little time as possible. Beating a previous time earns points. The main mode is competition. Players must work through and win each track in order to unlock the next one in the competition circuit. Points are gathered by winning and drifting. Points are important because they can be used to purchase one of three other bikes that are faster and handle better.

Superbike Races contains three different game modes. Easy mode means there are no collisions with other racers or with the environment. Normal mode only counts crashes with other racers. Hard mode means the player will crash whenever the bike touches something else. Crashing ends the race. The computer-controlled racers can be difficult to beat. They almost never make mistakes and pull out quickly from the start every time. Placing second or first can be a real challenge until the game is mastered.

One of the nice parts of the game is that progress is saved. This means accumulated points, best times and positions in competition races are all saved between sessions. This gives the game a campaign-like feeling similar to some larger car racing games. The main drawback of Superbike Racers is that the program is full of adware. The installer uses deceptive menus to try to trick users into installing adware. One piece of adware is always installed that changes the default settings in browsers. Aside from problems with adware, Superbike Racers is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy.


- Fun and free

- Easy to start playing

- Advancement is saved between sessions


- Installer contains adware

- Graphics might seem dated to some

- Computer-controller racers are difficult to beat

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